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Recently Completed Projects located in Historic Landscape Districts and/or listed on the National or a State Register of Historical Places:

Codman Square Site Improvements, Codman Square Historic District (2018-current): Boston, Massachusetts
Lexington Battle Green, Battle Green Historic District (2018-current): Lexington, Massachusetts
Sudbury Town Hall, Old Sudbury Historic District (2018): Sudbury, Massachusetts
Peddocks Island Visioning Plan, Boston Harbor Islands Archaeological District (2018-2019): Boston, Massachusetts
The Esplanade, Tree Management & Succession Plan for the Charles River, Charles River Esplanade Historic District (2018): Boston, Massachusetts
Kelleher Rose Garden Improvements, Olmsted Park System HD (2018): Boston, Massachusetts
Site Improvements to Lowell Memorial Park, Old Cambridge Historic District Cambridge (2018): Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jamaica Pond Pathway Rehabilitation, Olmsted Park System Historic District (2017-current):

Boston, Massachusetts
Franklin Park Pathway & Road Rehabilitation, Olmsted Park System Historic District (2017-2018):

Boston, Massachusetts
Town Hall Garden & Water Features Restoration, Arlington Center Historic District (2017-2018): Arlington, Massachusetts
Prospect Hill Park, Prospect Hill, (2017-2020): Somerville, Massachusetts
Silver Lake Cemetery Restoration, New York Special Hillside Preservation District (2017-2018): Staten Island, New York
The Gardens at Elm Bank Landscape Master Plan, Elm Bank Historic District  (2017-current):

Wellesley, Massachusetts
Longfellow House-Washington Headquarters National Historic Site Nomination Form Update, Old Cambridge Historic District (2017-2018): Cambridge, Massachusetts
Charlestown Navy Yard Accessibility Improvements, Boston National Historical Park, Charlestown Naval Yard HD (2017-18): Boston, Massachusetts
Dorchester North Burying Ground, Upham’s Corner Historic District (2017-2018): Boston, Massachusetts
Julie Hall Residence Hall, Emmanuel College Campus Historic District (2016-2018): Boston, Massachusetts
Senior Center Driveway Reconstruction, Arlington Center Historic District (2016-current): Arlington, Massachusetts
South Park Arboretum Restoration Feasibility Study, Olmsted Parks & Parkways Thematic Resources (2016-2017):

Buffalo, New York
Fort Pickering (2016-2017): Salem, Massachusetts
University of Rhode Island Landscape Master Plan, University of Rhode Island Historic District (2015-2017):

Kingston, Rhode Island
Granary Burying Ground Fence and Wall Restoration, Beacon Hill Historic District (2016): Boston, Massachusetts
Fruitlands Museum Master Plan, Fruitlands Museum HD (2015-2016): Harvard, Massachusetts
Emerald Necklace Tree Inventory, Conditions Assessment & Management Plan Olmsted Park System Historic District (2013-current): Boston & Brookline, Massachusetts
Training Field/Winthrop Square (2013-2016): Charlestown, Massachusetts
Boston Common Cultural Landscape Report, Boston Common & Public Garden Historic District (2014-2015):

Boston, Massachusetts
Cannon Mount & Foundation at Dorchester Heights, Dorchester Heights Historic District (2014-2015):

Boston, Massachusetts
Fort Taber Assessment and Feasibility Study, Fort Taber HD (2013-2014): New Bedford, Massachusetts
Underwood Pool & Playground, (2012-2014): Belmont, Massachusetts
Fort Adams Restoration, Fort Adams Historic District, (2011-2012): Newport, Rhode Island
Rolling Ridge Conference Center/Ethan Allen Estate (2011): North Andover, Massachusetts

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