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Adams Park Boston

Codman Square Park

Park Improvements

Codman Square Park was shaped in the 1990s through a change in traffic circulation which resulted in re-aligned roadways and a leftover triangle of green space. The park today is much needed by the neighborhood, but does not fulfill the programming and spatial needs that the community desires.

KZLA was hired to re-imagine the park with a uniquely Codman Square identity, flexible use and the integration of art. The park boundaries will be expanded combining with open space surrounding Second Church and highlighting the heart of Codman Square. KZLA worked with the Codman Square Neighborhood Council (CSNC), a group of community members that are advocating for a redesign of Codman Square Park and leading a fundraising effort for its transformation.

KZLA led community discussions and collaborated with neighborhood partners and local artist, Destiny Palmer, to reimagine a unique park identity and ensure flexible use spaces. Public art is the backbone of the park redesign. The art will be integrated across the park to celebrate the cultural diversity of the community and highlight the historic evolution of the neighborhood through interactive storytelling. Elements include wayfinding markers, a visual timeline, and a monumental sculpture- “I am Codman Square”.


Codman Square Neighborhood Council



Boston, MA


2 Acres


2018 to Present


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