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Adams Park Boston

Jamaica Pond Pathways

Landscape Rehabilitation

In the fall of 2017, KZLA was hired by Boston Parks & Recreation Department to improve accessibility, stormwater management, and general conditions of the pathways and entrances at Jamaica Pond. In order to expedite the improvements around the historic Pinebank area in the northeast of the park, the project is divided into two phases with the areas of the park requiring more intensive permitting included in the second phase.

Recommendations for enhancements at the park entrances will be based on the balance of modern needs and codes with the historic Olmstedian aesthetic. Site amenities, including benches, signage, and lighting will be reviewed for appropriateness, clarity, and comfort. Universal accessibility was carefully studied, as well, to ensure that as much of the park is accessible to all and that key destinations are included on accessible routes.


Boston Parks and Recreation Department



Boston, MA


110 Acres


2017 to Present


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