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Adams Park Boston

Winthrop Square

"Training Field" Site Improvements

From a colonial militia training field to Victorian urban square, this public space has been a central part of the Charlestown community. First as part of the Cultural Landscape Report and then full design and construction documents, KZLA has developed a landscape restoration approach that addresses preservation of the historic character and features while improving the park to meet the modern needs and use.

Heavy use contributed to heavily compacted soils and worn turf while invasive trees species out-competed turfgrasses. A comprehensive soil restoration strategy was prepared and implemented with inclusion of a new irrigation system.

Site perimeter fencing which was once a defining feature of this urban park was replaced with a fence inspired by earlier ornate cast iron fencing seen in historic photos and postcards. Existing post finials were 3d scanned then scaled and fabricated to fit the new fencing.


City of Boston Parks & Recreation Department



Charlestown, MA


3/4 Acre


2015 to 2016


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