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Adams Park Boston

Silver Lake Cemetery

Landscape Master Plan

Hebrew Free Burial Association commissioned this master plan because the restoration needs are so great in the inactive Silver Lake Cemetery, it was difficult to grasp the scope of the work, the cost, and priorities. The poor conditions do not reflect the proper respect for each of the deceased nor does it reflect the organization’s mission. The master plan scope includes an inventory and assessment of the existing conditions of the grave markers, beds and ledgers, private burial plot fencing and gates, the perimeter fences, drainage and vegetation as well as developing a sustainable vision for the restoration of the cemetery.

Recommendations focus on improvements that are respectful of the deceased and support the mission of HFBA. With that in mind, the critical recommended work includes, but is not limited to: pruning of structurally deficient trees and removing trees that are causing damage; securing the southern boundary with fencing; resetting fallen headstones; stabilizing the leaning stone retaining wall; improving drainage to resolve periodic ponding; and, restoring the Victory Boulevard wall, fence, and gate.


Hebrew Free Burial Association



Staten Island, NY


5 Acres


2016 to Present


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