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Adams Park Boston

Powers Farm

Community Park Master Plan

This property is unique to the Town of Randolph with a variety of natural resources and recreation opportunities. The previously undervalued parcel is comprised of a five-acre pond, acres of open field, and a rare Atlantic white cedar swamp. Over the past century, active agriculture kept the land undeveloped and kept invasive plant species in check. Wildlife is abundant on the property due to connections to large expanses of open space to both the north and south of the parcel. Norroway Pond, man-made for agricultural uses and ice harvest, is a scenic treasure and home to a large population of waterfowl and other pond life.

KZLA first developed a master plan for the Powers Farm property in 2012 and has since implemented four phases including trail and boardwalk improvements, dam repair, and wayfinding/interpretive signage. With the success of Powers Farm, we expect additional open spaces will be connected via greenways and trails within the Town and expanding to the expansive Blue Hills Reservation. Funding for the recommendations will come from a variety of sources including local, state and federal funds, grants, and volunteer efforts.

Following the completion of the Master Plan, KZLA has prepared the construction documentation for, and administered the installation of four phases of the project, including multiple trail segments, signage, dam repairs, and multiple structures.


Town of Randolph, MA Planning Department



Randolph, MA


22 Acres


2012 to 2016


Anthony Crisafulli

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