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Adams Park Boston

Newbury Parklet

Tactical Urbanism

Jamestown Development, a major landowner on Newbury Street, wanted to further enhance the public realm by fostering social interaction in front of their properties. KZLA designed a parklet that would be moved throughout the year. The structure is panelized to be moved with a forklift to facilitate frequent relocation. Design elements are deliberately contemporary providing a variety of seating for individuals, couples and groups.

The Newbury Street parklet is a temporary, move-able park space that blends a sleek and modern approach within the rich historic context of Newbury Street in Boston, MA. The 250 square foot area is a welcomed enhancement to the public realm that creates a unique setting for community gathering, lounging, and interaction in a space that is normally allocated for two parallel parking spaces. The modern lines and shapes of the parklet evoke a sense of sophistication that fits in seamlessly with the character of Newbury Street. The modular parklet design allows the park space to be broken down in 7 separate pieces in a simplistic way and moved to three different locations along Newbury Street.


Jamestown Development



Boston, MA


400 sf


2018 to 2019


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