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Adams Park Boston

Muddy River Cafe

Emmanuel College

At the heart of Emmanuel College is a one acre open space that is the central quadrangle for the college. This green space was designed to be very flexible and accommodate many uses i.e. group gatherings, outdoor classes, commencement, and informal athletics. The space has been designed to highlight the architecture of the College chapel- the symbolic center of the campus. Low stone seatwalls with ornamental planting define the green space's boundaries and provide edges for seating and viewing. Tree planting built upon the arboretum quality palette already on campus.

An exterior plaza for the Muddy River Cafe has been added to the central quad in 2012. Stormwater management and universal access where project challenges, but overcome with creative grading to seamlessly integrate this submerged space into the overall landscape and the use of porous pavers to infiltrate stormwater, but still be complementary of the history architecture.


Emmanuel College



Boston, MA





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