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Adams Park Boston

Mission Hill Playground

Park and Playground Improvements

KZLA was engaged by Boston Parks & Recreation Department in the spring of 2020 to design improvements to the Mission Hill Playground. The existing park is terraced from Tremont Street to Smith Street and transitions between three distinct park characters: a passive park for relaxing and enjoying the many restaurants along Tremont Street; a playground; a half-acre playground with splash pad; and, a Little League field on Smith Street. The proposed design changes include refurbishing masonry walls and metal railings, a complete overhaul of the playground, improvements to the ball field. KZLA is working with public artist Ross Miller to integrate his existing art pieces into the updated design concept. Community engagement was a significant component of the park redesign with as many as seven different meetings, drop-ins, and working sessions with the local school groups who use the play area. This project was partially funded with a PARC Program grant.


City of Boston Parks & Recreation Department



Boston, MA


2.6 Acres


2020 to 2022


Anthony Crisafulli

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