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Adams Park Boston

Medal of Honor Park

Park Improvements

KZLA has developed design plans for the renovation of Medal of Honor Park in South Boston. This park is the home of America’s first Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is rededicated each year in September. The park serves as a neighborhood park and is the largest in South Boston. It is well-loved by residents with a large playground, an off-leash dog play space, pedestrian paths for strolling, and several benches for seating, relaxing and enjoying sunsets.

The new design upgraded the play area to better serve a range of age groups and includes a discrete water play area that can also be used as a small performance space. The existing park entrances are enhanced and made accessible, and a historically–inspired cast iron and steel fence was reintroduced along East Broadway—the main façade of the park and the main thoroughfare of the neighborhood. The memorial spaces was also refreshed with new paving, lighting, and new monuments to South Boston’s Medal of Honor recipients. New canopy tree plantings are also implemented throughout the park.

In 2021, KZLA collaborated with Colin's Joy Project and the City of Boston to expand the playground. The additional play area adds to the 2-to-5 year old play equipment. A design charrette created drawings and ideas on the playground theme from local kids.


City of Boston Parks & Recreation Department



South Boston, MA


6 Acres


2017, 2021


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