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Brookline Urban Forest Climate Resiliency

Master Plan

KZLA is currently working on an Urban Forest Climate Resiliency Master Plan for the Town of Brookline. KZLA is leading a team of five firms to complete the master plan through a highly collaborative process involving key Town departments, local councils, committees, businesses, residents, landlords, and more. KZLA has been employing virtual meetings, social media tools and on-line surveys to engage the community in developing this plan that will impact Brookline’s urban forest for generations.

The Master Plan will position the Town to proactively and equitably prepare for, and mitigate, the impacts of climate change on its public and private trees. To date, KZLA has undertaken soil analysis and conducted an inventory of existing conditions. We updated the Town’s existing data through a GIS-based, stem-by-stem inventory of public trees. LiDAR data for public and private trees is being used to understand the extent and equity of canopy cover as well as trends over the last decade.

Next, we’ll utilize scientific data to strategically target tree planting efforts, focusing on species diversity and trees adapted for the anticipated climate challenges. KZLA will be developing recommendations for geographically-based interventions, such as planting opportunities within parks and plazas. Recognizing the role of management and strategic investment in the success of the urban forest, our final report will also examine urban forest management strategies, including succession, maintenance, infrastructure modifications, and tree planting standards.


Town of Brookline


Bartlett Tree Experts
Weston & Sampson
Sherzi & Company


Brookline, MA


6.8 Square Miles


Spring 2020 to Present


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