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Adams Park Boston

Arlington Reservoir

Phase 2 Design & Implementation

KZLA was hired in the spring of 2020 to develop the design for the Arlington Reservoir from design development through construction administration. (The 2018 master plan and Phase 1 installation was completed by another firm.) The “Res” is a much-beloved public open space in the Town of Arlington, which includes a fresh water beach, a 1-mile perimeter path looping the man-made reservoir, and playground. Construction o the project begins in spring 2021.

Using the master plan as a jumping off point, KZLA had developed a program for the site which focuses on improving accessibility, stormwater, and focusing on permeable pavement systems. The plans include rehabilitation of two existing buildings, a new picnic pavilion; definition of beach and passive turf areas; a new naturalistic playground; rehabilitation of the existing trail and connection points to create and inclusive and accessible pedestrian network; and, a overlook and formalized boat launch. Additionally, a substantial invasive management and bank stabilization plan has been prepared for the project area.

The design process was intended to be publicly-driven which provided KZLA the opportunity to get creative with community engagement processes given the COVID pandemic.


Arlington Parks and Recreation Department



Arlington, MA


46.5 Acres




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