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Adams Park Boston

65 Grove Street

Class A Office Development

KZLA served as the team landscape architect for the development of Class A office space in Watertown, MA. The former industrial building was converted to office space to serve a number of companies.

The landscape was designed to reflect some of the industrial heritage of the building with rustic detailing. Green infrastructure measures were incorporated with porous pavements; a native-dominant plant palette; and, bio-swales to capture, treat, and infiltrate rainwater. The driveway is shared with the adjacent elementary school to make the most or the dense development. Pedestrian walkways, a terraced outdoor dining area, and picnic tables within the greenspace were placed for a diversity of spaces for the workers.

The new parking garage is screened with a dense screen of bamboo from the nearby residences.


Cresset Group



Watertown, MA


3.75 acres


2015 to 2018


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