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Western Promenade

Historic Landscape Master Plan

Western Promenade is a historic formal park that sits atop an embankment overlooking Portland’s  Fore River. It is the counterpart to the Eastern Promenade, which flanks the opposite side of the City overlooking historic Fort Allen and Casco Bay. Both parks were conceived in 1826 and became parts of the proposed Portland Parks System as developed by the Olmsted Brothers in 1905. The Western Promenade was listed on the National Register of Historic places in 1989 but it wasn’t until 2018, when KZLA was hired, that the park would have a master plan. 


KZLA worked with the City of Portland and a non-profit volunteer organization—the Friends of Western promenade—to restore and preserve the park to benefit the public for years to come. KZLA researched historic archives extensively to document how the park had evolved over time and determined what the key character-defining features of Western Promenade were. KZLA also addressed issues such as invasive plant management and safety issues such as lighting, site line clearings, and accessibility.  

The landscape master plan provides ready access for all residents to the wide range of recreation and open space opportunities for multi-generational use. The proposed plan lists the significant site features and preserves these valuable resources. Historic viewsheds will be restored as well as ornamental planting designs, seating, and other site furnishings. The plan is intended to be implemented in phases, as funding and resources allow.


City of Portland

Portland, ME

21 acres

2018 to Present

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