University of Rhode Island Landscape Master Plan


Client: University of Rhode Island

Year Complete:  2017


Project Team:  KZLA (prime), Site Green, Taveli and Haesche

KZLA was engaged by the University of Rhode Island is the spring of 2016 to create a new landscape master plan for the Kingston campus (the main University of campus). This Landscape Master Plan analyses the current condition of the campus landscape and reflects it against the University’s mission and the 2016 Strategic Plan for Campus Sustainability for Climate Action. The Landscape Master Plan defines guiding principles based upon these planning documents established by the University and then makes recommendations to put these into practice. It also analyses the grounds maintenance practices, identifies where improvements can be made, and establishes a vision for the campus aesthetic, stewardship, and care for the upcoming decades. The scope of the Landscape Master Plan encompasses open space, pedestrian circulation, balancing the needs of pedestrians and vehicles, bicycling, stormwater management, historic preservation, sustainability, identity, tree management, and landscape maintenance. Coordination with the on-going Transportation and Parking Master Plan, the Drainage Master Plan, and other current design/construction projects ensures this plan has taken a comprehensive look at the campus landscape and will provide a strong framework informing the future Campus Master Plan.

Early site analysis diagram

Social media community engagement