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Phillips Square

Tactical Plaza

Phillips Square is a pop-up tactical plaza in the Chinatown neighborhood of Boston. The space is part of a pilot program that studies if open space in this location can be successful as pedestrianized. The plaza reclaims a portion of parking and roadway and converts it into a gathering space. 

The design is inspired by the traditional style of Chinese painting Shan shui, but decidedly approaches the graphic in a contemporary manner and incorporates temporary and removable elements such as planters and seating to create a fun and safe environment for pedestrians to use. Paint on the pavement is reflective of cultural landscape elements such as rolling hills and cloudy skies. The entrance will feature reclaimed foo dog sculptures, which are iconic in Chinese culture. New parking and bike use markings will also be incorporated to improve the safety of bikers and vehicles.

The plaza creates a new entrance to the unique cultural neighborhood in downtown Boston, and establishes a new gathering space that will benefit local businesses and residents during its installation for the next 3 years. 

The plaza was installed in the summer of 2019 by the KZLA team. 



2020 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Design Merit Award

Project featured by furniture fabricator, Outsider:

Cresset Group


City of Boston

Chinatown Main Streets

Cresset Harrison, LLC

Boston, MA (Chinatown)

0.25 acres

2017 to 2019


Anthony Crisafulli

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