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Kenmore square

Site Development

The Kenmore Square Redevelopment Project is located on the north side of the square. The project consists of 7 total buildings, 2 of which are new build and 5 existing structures will have retrofitted interiors. Kenmore Square has a major bus terminal and green line stops within the area and sees a major influx of pedestrian traffic in and out of Fenway. Today, most of this traffic is found on the south side of the square which features wider sidewalks and greater retail options. KZLA was responsible for supporting documentation for appropriate approval process per the Boston Planning and Development Agency, Boston Civic Design Commission, Boston Public Improvement Commission, and Boston Parks and Recreation Department. 

With the redesign of the streetscape, KZLA has developed a wider sidewalk, increasing space in the public realm, with hopes of drawing some of larger pedestrian crowds found on the south side of the square. The larger sidewalks will take the place of existing parallel parking spaces found along Beacon Street and Comm Avenue. The wider sidewalks will feature a frontage zone for retail stores that could include café style seating furnishing; an 8-foot-wide accessible side walk, a varying width furnishing zone that will feature seating, bike rack and trash furnishings, permeable paving, and tree pits with ornamental street trees. Lastly, there will be a raised 5-foot-wide cycle track with a buffer separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The permeable section of the furnishing zone will allow stormwater runoff to penetrate the root zone of the street trees, rather than running directly into catch basins found on the street. 

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Boston, MA

4 acres

2018 to Present

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