Emerald Necklace Tree Inventory, Conditions Assessment, and Management Plan

Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts


Client:  Emerald Necklace Conservancy


Project Team:  KZLA (Prime), Bartlett Tree Experts, Moreno Consulting Forestry, AppGeo


Recognition:  2015 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Award


Part of a multi-million dollar effort to improve the urban forest health and overall user experience of Boston’s Emerald Necklace parks, KZLA is leading a tree inventory, conditions assessment, and preparation of a comprehensive management plan that will guide park vegetation management for years to come.


Through research into historic plans, planting lists, and numerous images, KZLA has worked exhaustively to identify and honor the original design intent of Frederick Law Olmsted and his partners. A respect for the historic is balanced with an equally comprehensive focus on user needs and the contemporary forest/vegetative system – plant communities plus soil conditions, erosion, micro-environment, and user impacts. KZLA uses GIS in-office and in-the-field to better analyze the site, and to document site features and vegetation for future improvements and online public accessibility.