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emmanuel college

Julie Hall

Over the past twenty years, Kyle Zick has worked with Emmanuel College to implement sixteen projects from the Institutional Master Plan which was originally developed in 2000, prior to the founding of KZLA.  

Three of these projects are landcapes that have been created on top of subsurface structures: the Science Center, the main Quadrangle and, most recently, a new residence hall. Developing flexible landscapes situated above significant underground infrastructure is a necessity for the seventeen-acre campus situated in the core of downtown Boston near the Fenway neighborhood. 

The new residence hall was completed in 2018 with apartment-style living spaces. The 690-bed residence hall allows a major goal of the landscape master plan to be achieved by creating an exterior student social space for residential life. This flexible space serves as an entry to three buildings, gathering space for special events, and stormwater management device. KZLA developed the landscape design to span seamlessly over the underground parking and on the roof above the building lobby. 

Emmanuel College

Boston, MA

17 acres


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