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james p. Kelleher

ROse Garden

Garden Improvements

The James P. Kelleher Rose Garden is a historic garden located in the Back Bay Fens. It was originally designed in the early 1930’s by Arthur Shurcliff as a specimen garden that would host a wide variety of roses.


In 2017, KZLA was hired for the restoration of the perimeter edge and the entrance to the garden. KZLA studied historic aerial imagery and plans in order to provide recommendations for replanting a historic perimeter hedge and the restoration of the entrance arbors. In addition, KZLA studied rabbit-proofing methods to protect the historic garden which resulted in a new secure fencing with mowstrip. Permitting included Boston Landmarks Commission and the Conservation Commission, due to the historic nature and the garden proximity to the adjacent Muddy River.

City of Boston

Parks & Recreation Department

Boston, MA

1 acre

2017 to 2018

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