Gumps Farm

Norfolk, Massachusetts


Client:  Town of Norfolk Community Preservation Committee

Year Complete:  2014


Project Team:  KZLA, Crowell Engineering

Photography:  KZLA

Contractor:  Sunshine Paving


KZLA is responsible for developing a trail system, boardwalks crossing wetlands, interpretative and wayfinding signage, a play area, 30 car parking lot and a community garden on this 20 acre parcel. The site is extremely varied with acres of open meadow, pine forest, shrub wetland and a vernal pool. The design goals were to preserve the essence of the place as unspoiled and natural while providing access and amenities for public use.


Lumber from removed oak trees were salvaged for use as benches, the former farming use is being interpreted in graphics on existing boulders, and many Town architectural features have inspired the play area design.

Gumps Farm was a former chicken farm and the farm house had chicken silhouettes cut into the wood shutters.  These same silhouettes were engraved into boulders sited near the playground.