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Dorchester Heights

Replica Cannon Granite Mount

To interpret the defense of Boston Harbor from Dorchester Heights, KZLA was asked to design a cannon mount inspired by an “travelling carriage” for an 18-pound iron cannon used during the Siege of Boston. The cannons that were used to defend the harbor were some of those that Henry Knox captured from Fort Ticonderoga in New York and, with oxen cart, transported to Boston. The arming of Dorchester Heights led to the evacuation of British troops and loyalists from Boston and ended the 9-month siege. 

Using granite as a durable base, the scale, proportion, and lines of the carriage were  interpreted to display a reproduction cannon which was placed on site in May of 2016. Historical research was followed by developing numerous studies using in 3-dimensional modeling and creating scale models with a 3D printer.  

National Park Service

Boston National Historical Park, Boston, MA

Less than 1 acre

2014 to 2016

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